Dancers: Greta Campo, Candace Jarvis, Ethan Gwynn,

Evan Matthew Stewart, Rio Kakuchi,  Sonny Shiu, Yuka Notsuka

Lighting Design: Yi-Chung Chen

Videography: PCK Media


Truth Bound (2019)
Music: Joan La Barbara, Para Avis, Nocturnal Emissions
Dancers: Greta Campo, Ethan Gwynn
Truth Bound was developed during a residency in Trier, Germany in reaction to the crisis of faith and trust today.  

To find clarity, the seeker for truth must look deeper under the surface to discover the core.

To make this dance, Nai-Ni Chen created movements with dancers using improvisation and

her background in traditional Chinese theatrical movement and various styles of martial art.

Introspection (2019)
Music: Jacob Ter Veldhuis, Prism Quartet
Dancers: Sonny Shiu, Greta Campo, Evan Matthew Stewart, Yuka Notsuka
Normally, dancers are lit by external lights on stage.  In this dance, the dancers light themselves from different perspectives and

onto each other in order to look deeper into their own identity.
The dance uses flashlights and shadows as a way to examine the identity issues from different perspectives.

Luminescence (premiere)
Music: Max Richter
Dancers: Yuka Notsuka, Rio Kakuchi
 With nature’s grace, magic and wonder, we find sanctuary.  Through this dance the choreographer wishes to remind us that

humans coexist with other life forms on earth.  To discover the beauty in nature and to respect and protect the environment is essential.  

Shadowforce (premiere)

Music: Max Richter, Somei Satoh

Dancers: Evan Matthew Stewart, Candace Jarvis, Greta Campo, Sonny Shiu, Rio Kakuchi, Ethan Gwynn

In isolation, we yawn for connection with others.  

Plus, personal Interview of Nai-Ni Chen by Dance Writer Robert Johnson

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SOPAC Presents


by Nai-Ni Chen

April 10, 2021 at  7:30PM

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