Song of the Phoenix
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Temptation of the Muses photo by Coreyl Melton

"Braiding harmony and dissonance, joy and melancholy, fluidity and angularity, Nai-Ni Chen brings a singular voice to the world of dance."

-Reading Eagle
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"...one of the finest contemporary and modern dance companies to have appeared at the Temecula Old Town Community Theatre annual Dance Series."

"[Way of Five-Fire] is very physical when needed, lyrical when called upon, and virtually explosive..."

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"...easily one of the most interesting dance groups we have seen in a long while."

"...[the company] cast a spell over the audience by weaving a tapestry of elegant dances set to unusual, goose-bump inducing musical scores."

-San Antonio Express-News
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"[Nai-Ni Chen's] movement style is not only deeply visceral, but also possesses a rare combination of impressive dancer physicality, choreographic vision and universal chi (energy)."

-iDANZ Critix Corner
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"...kaleidoscopic dances of muscle and liquidity."

"Like visual poetry, Chen's phrases, part exoskeletal rigidity, part boneless grace, embodies an epic dignity."

-The Village Voice
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"...movement that seemlessly blends elements of contemporary movement, traditional Chinese dance and even some of the acrobatic maneuvers of martial arts."

-Asbury Park Press
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"...remarkably smooth blend of the new and the old, as well as for their confident, intensely personal approach to nature."

-The New York Times
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