Song of the Phoenix
Education & Outreach

This school-time performance will focus on Crossing Cultures through Dance.  Performed by eight dancers in a lively and colorful production, this program features excerpts of dances from Song of the Phoenix with the addition of narration and audience participation, providing interaction between the performers and audience, followed by a Question & Answer session.
Workshops and Masterclasses are available for dance students on college/university campuses, as well as community dance studios.

Tradition Meets Innovation
Nai-Ni Chen introduces her unique modern technique and repertory, drawing upon the elements of the Chinese movement tradition.  Students will learn how she utilizes it as a foundation to develop her contemporary movement style.
Includes:  Lecture /Demonstrations, Pre- and Post-Performance Talks, Meet & Greets and Q & A Sessions.  These activities give the general audience a chance to meet Nai-Ni Chen and the dancers, as they discusss the many aspects of her work and creative process.  The discussion can take on a broad range of topics, from the inpsiration taken to develop her unique contemporary movement style to Chinese-American Culture in the US, and can take place in a wide array of venues and spaces.  Engaging the local communities prior to the performance encourages new audiences to come see the Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company and hopefully other artists at your venue.