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A multi-cultural, interactive dance program  with dazzling costumes and fantastic props, the dancers bring young people on a journey to explore one of the most ancient cultures in the world. The journey takes the audience from the ribbon dance originated in the Han dynasty to the beautiful and elegant Celestial Lake dance created by Nai-Ni Chen just a few years ago.  Detailed narration on the background and inspiration of each dance also enhances the educational experience. The audience learns the history, geography and the basic practice of traditional dance.

Long Spear

Audience participation is included and encouraged during the program. Selected students are invited on stage to learn how to dance with silk ribbons. Study guide available to the teachers before the performance.  This program is a great way for children to become excited about Chinese culture and gain a better appreciation of the value their Asian friends and families bring to America. The Art of Chinese Dance is not a main stage performance, it is specifically designed with K-12 schools, community centers, and libraries in mind.

"Your presentation was truly amazing. It was both engaging and informative.  The students were encouraged to participate several times during the show and they also learned the history behind each type of dance.  We were also impressed by your talented and energetic dancers, who conveyed a sense of pride and passion in what they do."       -Kim Gifford, Link Elementary PTA, New City, NY

Program includes:

Ribbon Dance
Long Spear Dance
Fan Dance
Movement Demonstration
Tai Ping Drum Dance
Audience Participation (Ribbon Demo)
Rock Paper Scissors
Question & Answer Session
Celestial Lake (Optional)
Fan Dance