Innovative New Works


Choreographer Nai-Ni Chen and her collaborators have created more than thirty new dances since she came to America. Her innovative dances bring together the dynamic freedom of American modern dance and the splendor of Asian culture. The wide-ranging body her work is a working document of an immigrant artist's journey to becoming an American, while it honors her cultural heritage. Our touring program for the main stage includes some fascinating works that express the inner discipline of this powerful modern dance choreographer in the twenty-first century. 

Nai-Ni Chen's innovative new works include:

Temptation of the Muses (with the Ahn Trio) - This exciting new collaboration among the Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company, the Ahn Trio and composer Kenji Bunch premiered to sold out audiences at the Harlem School of the Arts Theater in New York City in December 2010.  Watch Video!

Dragon's on the Wall (Tianji) - Among all of the Nai-Ni Chen's stimulating full length works, Dragon's on the Wall is an exciting major work, which premiered in February, 2001 at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center.  Watch Video!

Unbroken Thread - This work evokes the mysteries of binding and loosening, fate and freewill, suffering and transformation through the image of a net. The net is an assembly of places where the web of fate is drawn tighter. Watch Video!

Landscape Over Zero - This piece was inspired by the freezing point where ice becomes water or a time when winter and spring meet. Zero is the beginning of everything. This piece represents the growing force in nature that is in each one of us. Zero is a vision for a new beginning. Watch Video!

Isles of Dune - This piece was inspired by the images of the American desert- the endless horizon, the cactus, the rolling sand dunes, the gigantic rocks, the animals and the myths of the Native Americans who embraced this land. Watch Video!